How Breakfast Matters in Weight Loss

Recent research shows that fewer people are eating breakfast, especially younger people. This may have implications on the nation’s battle with obesity.

Eat to Lose Weight

The reasons for skipping breakfast vary. Some just erase that morning meal out of their diet, or just don’t feel like eating in the morning. Others leave out breakfast because of time constraints.

For dieters, it isn’t often that our weight loss plan revolves around eating when we may not feel like it, but in the case of breakfast, it may be just what you need to do. For those seeking a drop in calories consumed, foregoing breakfast isn’t the way to go. Here’s why:

1. Eating breakfast generally gives you a higher quality diet: Starting the day with a good breakfast gives you the vitamins, minerals and energy you need to successfully tackle your morning’s endeavors. A caution: those trying to lose weight should avoid carbs for breakfast, but stick to protein and fat.

2. Breakfast eaters avoid snacking so frequently: When you don’t eat breakfast, hunger is bound to strike at an inconvenient time, which means that you will be eating on the run. That usually translates to packaged foods with preservatives, fast food and other dietary disasters that make losing weight more difficult.

3. Eating breakfast may make body-weight management easier: Roller coaster eating habits, such as skipping meals, can make weight harder to control.

4. In studies comparing breakfast skippers and breakfast eaters, breakfast skippers were shown to actually have a greater daily calorie intake, even though they missed out on calories in the morning. Eating breakfast causes physiological changes in satiety.

An article published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine found “evidence documenting the strong protective effect of breakfast consumption to prevent and/or treat obesity/type 2 diabetes and promote overall health in young people.”

All this said, breakfast is good only if you make it good. Don’t feel too proud of yourself if you walk out the door having scarfed Pop-Tarts and a glass of chocolate milk. And don’t expect to lose weight.