Long-term Weight Loss

Why losing weight is just half the battle, and some keys for keeping it off

We are bombarded on the daily with diet fads and programs to help you lose weight instantly. While some of these work temporarily, most are unrealistic, and don’t accomplish the true and long-term goals of weight loss. Compiled here are five tips to assist you on your journey to losing weight, and keeping it off.

Tip #1: Make it a lifestyle: If you have the desire to lose weight, you are already on your way to success! However, diet fads, starving yourself, or cutting out your favorite foods is NOT the way to do it. Making your weight loss a lifestyle means it has to be something realistic. DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU CANT DO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Start by trying newer, and healthy foods. Find restaurants that serve healthier options. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, just keep it in moderation, and your body will start to transform.

Tip #2: Write it down: No matter how many ways you want to look at dieting, weight loss is a about monitoring and understanding. Estimates from experts say it takes about 3,500 calories to gain or lose a pound. Keep track of the calories you are putting in your body, and track the amount of carbs if you think you are carb sensitive. Discuss your intake with a specialist in obesity medicine. Often the specialist may notice an important factor you may not have noticed.

Tip #3: Lose weight to get physically active: Many people stare at the dreaded treadmill and already feel defeated. Getting active is not this black and white. You don’t have to go to the gym and run for an hour! There are so many other options for getting active. Whether it be yoga, hiking, biking, Pilates, or even walking your dog, find something you love and stick with it. During weight loss you do want to try and push yourself, as that will make the process go faster. However pushing yourself in something you absolutely love to do will make it that much better. So get out there and find that active bug within you!

Tip #4: The time is now: Just start out by asking yourself why not? Why not choose today to start getting healthier? Why not start your journey to getting in the best shape of your life. To be frank, there is never an easy time to lose weight. It is always going to be hard. Every day we lose a day of our lives, so why not now?

Tip #5: Accept yourself as a person but not your weight: When it comes to bodies, it is so important to be realistic. First off, looking at magazines and celebrities bodies is not realistic. Thinking you can lose 20 pounds in a week—not realistic. Depriving your body of food and nutrients, not realistic. What is realistic is you and your story. Make goals that you know you can accomplish. Remember that being beautiful doesn’t come in a size; beautiful is in your self-confidence.

Long-term weight loss is not easy. It takes commitment and awareness, but you can do it. Stick to these tips and start shedding that weight!