Why People Self-Sabotage in Weight Loss Efforts

Top reasons why people have a hard time losing weight and how to break the cycle

Have you ever tried to go on a new diet or lose a few pounds? Of course you have, who hasn’t?  So you know who your worst enemy is: yourself. The road to that ideal weight is there in front of us, but sometimes we make the journey a more difficult task than it has to be.

When a diet or weight plan is not supplying the results we desire, it is easy to throw in the towel. Certain strategies and tactics may be the problem. Let’s take a look at reasons why weight loss efforts are self-sabotaged, and how to steer clear of that with your next weight loss goal.

Unrealistic Goals

One of the main reasons people have a hard time sticking with their weight loss goals is because they set unrealistic goals. Remember that losing weight takes time and perseverance. Having a clear vision of the process and setting realistic, short-term goals will help you. Here’s the catch, however: sometimes it’s difficult to know what’s realistic without the help of a physician trained in weight loss medicine. A clear understanding of your metabolism and any health conditions has to come first for goals to be realistic. Examples of weight-affecting conditions that many aren’t aware of include: adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunctions, and gut conditions.


Some people simply make poor dieting and lifestyle choices because they don’t know any better. In all fairness, the ocean of weight loss articles and videos out there doesn’t really help. Fad diets and contradicting advice lead to a ton of diet sabotage.

Eating Emotionally

In many cases, people’s eating habits decay over the years, until every meal becomes a rush or a thoughtless task.  Mindful and in tune eating is important when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. If emotions rule your eating decisions, get the help you need to cope with and control these impulses. That means you need to reign in stress and anxiety.

Two related reasons that go hand in hand are hating yourself and failing to nourish your body. In order to lose weight and heal, you first have to love who you are. Feed your mind with positivity and get rid of the assumptions that you are not good enough or capable of your goals. Starvation and fad diets are also not the way to go. Shift your perspective of food and look at ways food can nourish and strengthen your body.

Misplaced Ultimate Goals

Your ultimate goal is to be healthy. Some get so blinded in the effort to lose pounds that they forget why they are losing pounds: to feel better. Sometimes losing weight isn’t equivalent to being healthy. Obesity is a disease and needs to be treated as such. A lifestyle change must occur, not just a change on the scale.

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  1. Sophie Jones
    Sophie Jones says:

    I think emotional eating really heads the list for many people struggling to lose weight. I know when I get emotional I don’t have full control of my mind and it can be a real challenge to do and eat the right things. I’ve realized that by creating a system for when I feel emotionally swept away works best. Now I straight away go and drink a very tall glass of water and then go outside for a walk… away from the fridge!

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