I am not taking my appetite suppressants every day. Is this some sort of punishment for not continuing my weight loss?

No. This is not a punishment in any way. We always try to find the lowest dose of medicines and the lowest number of visits to see the doctor to control the disease.

We spread out the medicines from daily medicines to intermittent dosing schedule in a few different situations.

1. You have reached your goal and we are weaning you totally off the medicines.

2. You have reached your goal and we are weaning you into a maintenance program.

3.  You have not reached you goal but your weight loss has reached a plateau.

In this situation, often intermittent dosing of the medicine will resume you weight loss.  If you weight loss does not resume then we feel we can maintain your loss at the present level in a holding pattern and hit it hard again several months later?  In the interim, we see you every couple of months not every month.

We do this for two reasons.  First, although the medicines are used by many physicians in long term use, they are actually FDA approved for short term use. Using them long term is considered “OFF LABEL”.  Many medicines are used in this manner.  We feel patients need to be aware of this usage of the medicine.

Second, as discussed in our patient classes, these medicines have the infrequent potential for becoming psychologically dependent.  As long as a patient is making steady progress, daily usage is appropriate.  When this progress slows or stops, weaning the dosage is indicated.

4.  You do not loose weight from the beginning.

If you do not have an adequate response (weight loss) we must try some other way to help get your obesity under control.  However, rather than quickly stopping the medicines, we wean them so the hunger returns less quickly.

At any time if you are not sure why the medicines are changed or not changed, please ask the doctor or the staff.


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