Why do you insist we have a primary MD and continue our annual exams? Can’t you be my primary MD?

We believe very strongly in preventive medicine.  That is why we specialize in weight treatment and the diseases related to weight problems.   Dr. Rader is trained and qualified to perform complete primary care.  However, Bariatrics (weight loss medicine) is a specialty.  Most primary care doctors do not emphasize weight management to the degree that Dr Rader does. Rather than treat high blood pressure, diabetes and depression, we directly treat the primary cause of many of these health problems body weight and excess body fat.  Dr. Rader also treats these associated conditions. By treating the weight problem, we hope to prevent these other conditions other than just treat them.

However, we cannot forget many other conditions must be screened for, monitored, and treated when indicated.  For instance, it helps no one to lose to a healthy weight, have a healthy heart, then have a breast cancer that is not detected or prostate cancer that is missed.  Therefore, please keep up your annual exams with your primary MD.

Also, your primary MD typically is part of a group practice and provides after hour emergency call service.  Dr. Rader is in a solo practice and cannot be available 24hr / 7 days.   Whenever possible we provide after hour coverage and phone call returns with 24 hours but you must have your primary MD for emergencies.

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