Obesity is a real epidemic—just as real as any life-threatening contagion. The number of people in this country who are overweight and at risk for serious health problems is alarming. Three out of four people in the United States are overweight. Because of the epidemic, a child born after the year 2000 has a 1 in 3 chance of becoming diabetic in their life. Let’s don’t weight any longer.

Understanding what it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is more important now than ever. Some people have great success with diet and exercise, while others struggle to find the results they want. A few turn to expensive and risky bariatric, sometimes a necessary step.

Whatever the method, many begin on the path to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle with varying degrees of success
Many Americans are not aware of a fairly new specialty in medicine called Obesity Medicine. As of October 2013, there are only 671 doctors certified in this field by the new Board of Obesity Medicine. Three are located in Western Idaho, as specialists at Idaho Weight Loss. Our specific area of expertise in not just weight loss but weight loss maintenance and managing disease associated with obesity. You do not have to have complicated obesity to get treatment here. As little as 20 pounds to lose and you would qualify.

Some make great progress only to see it disappear after a few months. Losing unwanted weight takes a great deal of commitment and effort. If you are willing to do the work let’s make sure the weight stays off as long as possible. Picking healthy foods and tossing out the junk food and exercising regularly are not easy things to do if you’re out of practice, but it can be done.

Where some stumble along the path to a healthier weight and lifestyle is in maintaining a healthy weight after it’s been achieved. People have a tendency to abandon some of the good habits they developed after achieving a level of success in their weight loss goals. Anyone who has dieted is probably familiar with the “yo-yo” complex this kind of behavior typifies. Maintaining a healthy weight is sometimes just as difficult as losing the weight in the first place, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Our program is split into three phases: active weight loss, transition, and maintenance. With the support of our staff and the guidelines of each phase, we give people the tools to lose the weight and keep it off. We know that losing weight is only half the battle when it comes to weight loss and that any successful weight loss story is only truly successful is the unwanted weight doesn’t come back. Maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of committing to a healthy lifestyle complete with an appropriate diet and regular exercise, and we can help you make all the necessary adjustments with plenty of support along the way.