One patient came into our clinic weighing nearly 400 pounds. After losing 200 pounds, more than 150 inches and finally being able to fit in a size she was proud of, she looks back and remembers something important: she was treated with dignity from the beginning.

Many different stereotypes swirl around about obesity, tying it to laziness, gluttony, and other negative character attributes, but the fact is that obesity is a disease. It’s an epidemic. People do have their lives in their own hands, but sometimes professional help is needed to overcome the many challenging biochemical, psychological, behavioral, and nutritional hurdles associated with obesity treatment.

Obesity treatment does more than change the physical appearance of a person. Much research has been done on the depression-obesity cycle. Studies show that especially in women, obesity is related to a much larger chance of developing depression, according to the American Psychological Association. In fact, obesity research has proven the direct biochemical connection between obesity and depression. Depression is a “psychological disease” but often is biochemically connected to excess fat. Resolve the fat abnormality and the depression resolves.

This is good example of how obesity is a more complicated issue than people give it credit for. All the causes fall into four basic areas, nutrition, metabolism, behaviors, and psychology. Therefore, the treatment must cover all four areas. Sometimes a team of weight loss professionals is the best way to resolve the issues surrounding obesity.

When it comes to obesity treatment at Idaho Weight Loss, we take a comprehensive look at your medical history and your current situation. We understand how multi-faceted obesity can be, and how treatment must be individualized.

Our medical team and our treatment plans account for all the battles you’ll fight to be able to find a healthy weight. We give you the tools to win those battles. Among those tools are encouragement, education, motivation, and medical treatment, which were so important to the patient mentioned at the beginning of this article. These are important in any serious weight loss effort.

When Dr. Rader began practicing obesity medicine, his goal was to provide compassionate, understanding, low cost care combined with modern obesity treatment. His associate and team members, Dr Freshwater, Dr Gilman, Dr Hafer, PA Deb Mabbutt and the entire staff in all four offices strive to that same goal today, to the great benefit of thousands.