We get asked all the time is the program affordable? That’s difficult to answer! But this is what we charge, and you can decide.

The story:

Last week I was working with a weight loss doctor from a clinic in Tampa, Florida on how to improve their program. I learned they don’t ask the person’s weight and height to see if a person qualifies for the program before they come to the clinic for a consultation. I asked them why they don’t. They told me they offer a “free consultation” to “get the person to the clinic.” Then they ask the height and weight. The free consultation is to tell them “yes you qualify.” This is the old “bait and hook” marketing trick. There are several other programs in Idaho advertising for weight loss that offer the same “bait and hook” setup. Before and after weight loss pictures is another example of “bait and hook” marketing techniques. At Idaho Weight Loss we don’t use “marketing tricks.” My marketing advisors ask me to use them and it just isn’t in line with the way I want our patients to be seen.

Cost vs. affordable:

Affordability is about choices. If you use your hard earned money to pay for something, then you don’t have the money to use for something else. If you pay to see us, that is money you don’t have to spend on going to the movies, buying a more expensive pair of shoes, or buying the fast food away from home several days a week. Only you can decide if something (like our program) is affordable.

Many of our patients share after the first visit, the money they save but changing their eating habits more than pays for the follow-up visits.

The Cost

First visit
MD charge for two hours

  • Office/outpatient visit, new Level III, Billing code: 99203
Blood work

  • Complete CBC w/auto diff WBC: $6
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel: $6
  • Lipid Panel: $6
    (This includes Kidney tests, liver function tests,
    Calcium level, phosphorus level, and thyroid function
  • Hemoglobin A1c (a 90 day average sugar level) :$28
  • Vitamin D level: $12
Body Composition testing$10
FDA approved Anti-Obesity medications$20-$30
Other testing on a case by case basisElectrocardiogram (EKG), complete (if needed) $50
Assay, triiodothyronine (t3) $22

Therefore the basic charge is 208 including medicines. Most patients will need an EKG and a few will need the T3 level (if you are on thyroid medicine). Therefore the maximum first visit cost is $278. HOWEVER, I WILL CAP THE FIRST CHARGE TO $249, A 10% DISCOUNT IF YOU NEED ALL THE TESTING.

Follow-up visit (for most people this is in 2 weeks.)
MD charge for about 10 minutes

  • Office/outpatient visit, set. Level III, Billing code: 99213
FDA approved Anti-Obesity medications$20-$30

After this visits are monthly until maximum weight loss at the above visit prices.

After each patient achieves their maximum weight loss they are placed into a “weight maintenance program” and visits space out to about every three months. Some individuals will need monthly follow-up and some will do just fine on their own but everyone gets a “safety” long-term maintenance plan. We will attempt to contact you at one year, two years and at five years (at no cost to you) to track your long term weight maintenance.

There it is. Our costs. Only you can decided is it affordable. But I will close with this question:

What will it cost if you don’t get your health back?

I look forward to your feedback on this blog and on our costs.

-IWL associates