Comprehensive care is essential for patients with obesity, and that is what obesity medicine is all about. Comprehensive obesity care includes several aspects, including nutrition, behavior, physical activity and medication.

Obesity Medicine

The medical team at Idaho Weight Loss uses more than just body mass index to measure obesity. Measurements like body fat percentage and waist circumference are also important. We also approach various aspects of a patient’s life to help reduce obesity, including diet, exercise, and behavior. We also use clinically tested medication to aid in weight loss.

The most important reason to turn to medically-guided weight loss and obesity medicine is that it can reduce the risk of disease. Helping treat obesity can mean a patient avoids diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Secondary to this, patients experience a much lower cost of living when less overweight. A healthier weight can mean fewer medications, fewer medical costs, fewer hospitalizations, and more.

See this infographic from the Obesity Medicine Academy for more information:

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