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Obesity In Idaho

Obesity is a hot topic, and it has been for many years now, as the United States continues to struggle with it. Mounting medical costs and the dangers of childhood obesity make it a important topic indeed. But what about obesity in Idaho? How is our state doing in the battle against the chronic disease […]

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What is Obesity Medicine?

Comprehensive care is essential for patients with obesity, and that is what obesity medicine is all about. Comprehensive obesity care includes several aspects, including nutrition, behavior, physical activity and medication. The medical team at Idaho Weight Loss uses more than just body mass index to measure obesity. Measurements like body fat percentage and waist circumference […]

How does our teaching compare to Atkins?

In the Atkins diet, protein, fat, and total calories are all unlimited. Carb intake is supposed to be limited to 20 grams. Is this different than our weight loss program here at Idaho Weight Loss? Yes it is. We base our advice and our program off of modern and highly regarded nutrition research. In our […]

Mindful Versus Autopilot Eating

Sometimes, the mind just goes into autopilot. Some people drive to work and can’t remember a single thing about their commute. Others will write dates with the wrong year time and time again, because their mind is so used to writing the previous year. The same kind of behavior happens with food. Sometimes we don’t […]

Sugar Alcohols: What are they, and how do they affect us?

Health snacks and alternative ingredients are increasingly abundant in our world, as people become more concerned with what goes into their bodies. But food labels are trickier to read than ever before, as food manufacturers find new sugar substitutes and sweeteners to make their products taste better. Sugar alcohols are a great example. Many products […]

Obesity Treatment: Why It Must Be Comprehensive

One patient came into our clinic weighing nearly 400 pounds. After losing 200 pounds, more than 150 inches and finally being able to fit in a size she was proud of, she looks back and remembers something important: she was treated with dignity from the beginning. Many different stereotypes swirl around about obesity, tying it […]

The Reason You May Not Be Losing Weight

Exercise plans, gym memberships, diet books, exercise equipment, and the like all promise to help you lose weight and achieve the health and body you desire. Despite the promises of fad diets and kooky weight-loss supplements, there is no secret “trick” to losing weight. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise will always […]

Weight Loss for Men

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? At Idaho Weight Loss, we are joining the celebration by offering 50% off all startup labs for men in the month of June! Overweight and obesity as a disease occurs in men just as often as women, but men are less likely to seek the medical […]