Chromium is a naturally occurring mineral that is necessary for the body to metabolize the carbohydrates we consume. It is necessary for insulin to work correctly so we have the lowest insulin levels in our bloodstream possible. As we age we ingest more and more white carbs and we intake less chromium. Studies have shown that many overweight persons are low in chromium. This may contribute to insulin resistance and block weight loss. (See FAQ what is insulin resistance?) Many feel that chromium may help somewhat with sugar cravings.

We use the form of Chromium called chromium polynicotinate. Chromium is bonded to the vitamin Niacin forming what is called Glucose Tolerance Factor.

Chromium picholinate is a popular form of chromium bound to picinolinic acid. In this form the picinolinic acid must be broken away from chromium and bound to Niacin in the body. Therefore we prescribe the form already bonded to the niacin.

We prescribe at least 200 micrograms to everyone and 400 micrograms to those persons who are insulin resistant. The multivitamin you take may have 200 micrograms also. That is OK. Up to 1000 micrograms are considered safe. We have not seen any evidence or research that taking more than 400 is helpful.

If you have any questions or if your primary MD has any questions, we are happy to help answer or help you in any manner possible.

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