Drug Name: Glucophage  (Metformin) 500mg, 850 mg (glue-co-fage) Glucophage XR


This medicine is used in the treatment of diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and in the treatment of Insulin Resistance.


Some medicines or medical conditions may interact with this medicine. Inform all doctors or pharmacists of all prescription and over the counter medicines you are taking. Contact our office or your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about using this medicine. Read the patient product information on the back of this sheet for cautions and possible side effects of this medicine.


Take the medicines as directed by Dr. Rader with meals.  If you miss a dose, take with your next meal but do not double up the dose.

Using Glucophage (Metformin) to treat Insulin Resistance ( IR)

Stage Blood Sugar Level Fasting Insulin Level Non-Fasting Insulin Level
NORMAL Normal Normal Normal
EARLY IR Normal Normal High
LATE IR Normal High High

Insulin resistance can prevent weight loss.  Glucophage belongs to a group of medicines know as INSULIN SENSITIZERS, they help insulin work better so we have lower levels of insulin. This may help patients attempting to lose weight, be successful.  Studies are under way to show even if a person doesn’t lose weight, the medicine may help delay by years how soon someone develops diabetes. Use of this medicine in weight loss is considered “off label”.  This means the meds were not initially approved by the FDA for this indication.  This is a common way for doctors to use many medicines.

Despite helping with the insulin level, the patient must continue to focus on good nutrition.  Like other medicines used by weight loss doctors, Glucophage is not a ticket to eat whatever you want or how much you want.

Side effects nausea and or diarrhea are fairly common and usually stop within a couple days.  If side effects continue for more than one week, stop the medicine and call the office.  There is another form of the medicine called Glucophage XR that has lower side effects.

The doctor will follow blood testing to make sure kidney and liver functions continue normal.  Typically, this class of medicines do not cause low blood sugar reaction.

Extremely rarely, this medicine can cause a serious condition called Lactic Acidosis.  Please read the warning on the back of this sheet.