Patient Stories

From the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable. Regardless of my near 400-pound stature, everyone treated me with dignity and respect. Everything you shared with me that day really hit home. Today I stand 200 pounds lighter, 166 total inches smaller and have gone from the largest woman size 6X to a medium. Your encouragement and motivation are so uplifting. Thank you so much for being part of my success.


I feel awesome! Thank you, Dr. Rader and staff for helping me get my self-confidence back. Each of you were so supportive and helpful. I never thought I could lose this much weight. I have more energy. I can tie my shoes without almost blacking out. The best part about this weight loss program is I have not just been let go after I met my goal. I am still being cared for by Dr. Rader and his staff and being taught to monitor my eating habits so this becomes a way of life. In my opinion, Dr. Rader, his staff and I are all winners.


I had chosen Idaho Weight Loss because I had friends who had actually gone through the program and I could see their results. I saw wonderful things from them and it’s something I wanted to try and see if I can have the same result. And it worked!

LisaLost 63 pounds

The care I received, the care everyone receives at Idaho Weight Loss is you get physicians to support you. You get motivation and positive reinforcement. I know people who have worked here, I know people that have come through this system, and it works!

TammyLost 50 pounds

I chose Idaho Weight Loss because they were able to show me what it was that I needed to do to lose the weight. They show you how to eat, explain the nutritional value and offer incredible support. Overall it was just completely life changing.

DellLost 69 pounds