We teach what modern nutrition tells us our body needs.  Let’s compare the two instructions based on the food groups and calories intake for weight loss.

Protein carbs Fat Calories
ATKINS unlimited less than 20 grams unlimited unlimited
RADER minimum 4 palm sizes meat 10 15 total tsp carbs/sugar less than 30% ladies: 1200men: 1500


Atkins teaches you can eat all the protein and fat you want.

We teach minimum 4 palm sizes of protein every day.

This is based on the science. DAILY MINIMUM REQUIRED PROTEIN is ½ gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight, Examples: Goal weight is 140 pounds, you need minimum 70 grams protein per day; Goal weight is 200 pounds, you need minimum 100 grams protein per day.


For ladies, the average palm size and thickness in a piece of meat is about 20 grams. For men, the average palm size of meat is about 30 grams. We teach that most people need a MINIMUM of 4 PALMS OF PROTEIN DAILY. That is a palm size serving of chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs and meat, cup of cottage cheese, or good quality protein bar or shake.


Atkins teachings put you in a condition called ketosis. We think the science on this is okay and not harmful to the body. However, unless you stay in ketosis the rest of your life, when you come out of ketosis you have not learned to manage your carbs and you are likely to gain the weight back quickly because 50 – 75% of overweight patients have a metabolism problem called insulin resistance (IR). If you do not learn to manage your carbs, IR returns and you quickly regain the weight. Also, this diet is too low in fibers.

We teach that you need 50 – 75 grams of carbs (or 10 – 15 total tsp Sugar/carbs). This is the lowest amount of carbs most people can eat and prevent ketosis. This allows us to learn to manage our carbs.


Atkins teaches eat all the fat you want.

We teach less than 30% fat by controlling the total calorie count. Which sounds correct to you?

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