Simply explained, PSMF is an aggressive effective way to lose a lot of weight quickly. This is a very low calorie diet in the range of 400 800 calories with primarily protein intake to help protect lean body tissue. It is absolutely essential a patient on this weight loss plan is followed closely (weekly) by a specialist in weight loss medicine. It can be dangerous if not done correctly.  We think of this program as being the last step before having the $30,000 dollar stomach bypass surgery.  This bypass surgery has a serious complication rate of 3% and about one in 200 die from the surgery.  The PSMF is much much safer than the surgery and can give close to the same results.

Think of dietary changes for weight loss in different levels.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Most aggressive to least aggressive    top to bottom

Method Advantages Disadvantage
Stomach bypass surgery Effective, essentially cures type II diabetes, massive weight loss $30,000, 1 in 200 die from surgery, can still regain weight, other problems
Protein sparing modified fast(600-800 calories).  Several nutrition plans available Effective, rapid weight loss 30 or more pounds first month possible MD close follow-up, very tight nutrition control, frequent lab testing, EKG
Low calorie diet Safer with less close follow-up, long term success good, a realistic goal is 10% weight loss in 2-4 months, more if continue in program Slower weight loss, may plateau at lower weight
Balanced Deficit(ex. descreasing your present intake 300-400 calories) Very safe, medical involvement not required.  Should have tried this before beginning a medical weight loss program. Very slow weight loss

We are pleased to inform you we now offer the PSMF to qualifying patients. Ask us if you have any questions.

Also, we offer the high protein low sugar shakes and bars to patients on the low calorie diets or to any person very busy in the morning and starting the day with excellent nutrition in a quick manner will help their dietary intake. Ask the staff if you would like an explanation or a taste test.

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